Come hither, do not fear

My beloved, there is nothing that separates us here

We are one for aeons to come.

So saying he held my hand

The journey of tears arising in my heart

and finding expression in my eyes began.

How was i to tell him this wish of his falls on deaf ears?

I didn’t have the courage

I meekly obeyed, doe eyed gazed

Years passed, slowly from a lover he

Became a man at large,

He was now ready for everything

Capable of everything

Where earlier he had needed my support

Today he was in love with himself

I wondered in fultility ”where i was?”

I had cried alone, in order to prevent him from suffering;

I, now cried infront of him to stop this infliction

Does love do this to all?

Does love make man the master of a woman?

To lash,to whip, to ignore

Are all his rights

To concede, care , compromise in addition to conceive, mine.

I bore the burden with pride

But prayed deep inside

I will revolt,this will not subside…

Yet another day,I think, yet another day

Till then its my sorrow,my plight.



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