The Hatke Insight

A short poem about the varied perceptions we have about ordinary things in daily life…


( a pic taken by me at lucknow,India, today morning, very close to my house)

Perception deception

look, what is it there?

Does e really equal mc square,

Einstein would have us believe his conception,

i simply say(and so does he)

it is all relative perception.

a saint thinks we all are beings of light,

even though some of those beings of light are apathetic to humane plight, ( 😉 )

others find beauty even in ugliness

to some even the celestial moon’s craters are a sore sight.

Nothing is good or bad,

be it a child’s  toothless smile ,

or stinking garbage lying in a pile

how, do i hear you say?

that stench of garbage

brings urchins to that sight,

to them its a storehouse of wealth in disguise

they look around…

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