AN ODE TO APHRODITE… (a poem about the greek goddess of beauty)




My thirst was quenched when I first beheld you

Blessed are those eyes that have partaken your sight

You are a living reincarnation of Goddess Aphrodite

You possess me, I adore you,

I am your slave at your beck and call

I am an egoless man now,

Once a proud man I was.

Before you this six foot man

Doth stand an inch tall

Part those divine lips

Let the flame kindle

Yet pause a little,

Speech is not an attribute in which your pristine self dabbles

what would the servant Speech do for you?

The work of voice you have none,

For what use would articulation be to one-

Whose eyes are worth unfathomable suns?

O! Miss. Pulchritude

Would you care to be aware of my presence?

Of him who stands rooted to spot

Lest he misses the moment when

your blessed glance on him falls.





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