It is he whom she seeks

The austere Lord,

She wants to be his consort

All she knows and believes is Him

Through Him, she will live

The surreal grace of him she will receive

She, the one and only woman

Whom now the world reveres

Once who was a Princess

She finally got what she deserved

Her soul was pure yet it burnt

She bore the brunt

She fed the lord of Fire

He got her lord’s ire,

The universe lamented

Nature died

Gods wept, everyone cried

She was gone

The life of him

She was gone…


He was now the seeker

He was now the beggar

His “HE” was lost

Because without Yang, Yin was nowhere to be found

That scream, that piteous cry

All dimensions lost their senses

The Almighty grieved

His pain unbearable

They were separated, those who were inseparable

No mortal, immortal, divine or devil

Could break this spell, this ill will

Nothing could even begin to imagine his penury

It was an irrepairable injury

He became a walking dead

All his followers were in great distress

He lamented, he almost died

Virbhadra he became, his beloved’s death he avenged;

But how sweet is revenge?

It brought him even greater despair—

This hurt he could never repair.

His eyes filled with tears afresh

His brow throbbed, his forehead burned

The man with the third eye, how he yearned

Kailasha bore testimony

To the vivisectioning of the Neelkantha

O! Sati! O! my Shakti!

Tandava, I will perform

From night to dawn

I will destruct

No one can interrupt—-

Vishnu intervened

Sudarshana cut up Shiva’s ethereal dream

The fifty two Shaktipeethas till today gleam

Such is the story of my Lord and his consort

Shiva, Bhairav, Nataraj

Pranava, Trilokpati, Anantadrishti

A thousand names he has

Adi-shakti, Gauri, Pinaakdharini

Shaambhavi, Vandurga, Bhadrakali

My mother

Call her by whatever name you choose to utter.

Let it be known Kamesha and Kamesha Manasa are one soul.

The dance of Shiva

The Shakti of Parvati

The universe and all that is

From them it unfolds

Their story is the story of love divine

Their beings are forever entwined.

Praise be to them,

Those who suffered bore everything for the larger good

May their divine light and halo

Guide each soul through the path of enlightenment

That is tough,     strict and narrow

May every being of light

Merge, revel and glorify in their guiding light.



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  1. Well… Dr Smriti turned into Author Smriti!!! Well done!
    The way you have chosen the words, the characters & their synonyms of this poem, defining a divine tale of meeting of Lord Shiva to Goddess Shakti (Parvati), is brilliant. It flows like a narration of a visual. I loved the depth it contains. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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