She stood at the doorway,

Waiting for him to return

He had promised he’d come.

A tear trickled on its solitary

Journey down that fair cheek,

The kohl lined eyes welled

Up with a warning of impending deluge

Tears trickled incessantly,

But he didn’t come.


She had imagined a thousand excuses,

Made up to herself for his coming late,

Had brought herself presents on his behalf

To smother her own anger

Lest she break apart-

But all this she had done to calm herself

All the while thinking

What was making him so late.

She finally decided that

If he apologizes thrice,

she will forgive him and

seal his lips with a kiss.


She looked out of the window

With a gaze full of expectation

But instead of him she saw a procession

In which he came but he did not:

For no one could carry him in totality,

So they got his body

And the soul they sent to God

To keep till eternity.





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