As a chubby, podgy child,

I often used to watch sunlight,

I crawled on fours for those discs of light

Round circles of molten sunlight

I tried a lot, but never tasted success.

They were reflections of transparent dials,

And rounded objects, but back then,

They seemed quite heartless.

They were elusive and played games with a cute little child

Even as a toddler I realized, that there is life,

Even in light.

Back then, I wanted to catch it

And to trap those roundels in a glass jar capped tight

so that at night, I have my personal star

By my bedside.

As I grew older, I thought  such is life,

We try to catch it like I used to catch the discs of light…

The difference is just this-

The Discs are Days

and the Light is Life.



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