STATUTORY WARNING :Read this article ONLY when your tummy is full, or else you might get transformed into a ravenous  human, who makes a headway for the nearest available food item or goes to any extent to get his or her fair share of samosas, pizzas , chocolate cake etc.

If  one of the things that can stimulate  you to leave your bed and wake up, is either a hot cup of tea ginger,cardamom, tulsi or any other exotic flavour, served piping hot with golden toasts and whirls of butter or simply, chocolate chip cookies or freshly brewed coffee,all frothy,creamy, and complete with its customary wisps of vapour–

 clap your hands,because you are a foodie….

Welcome to your brethren,

If your parents have gone to a marriage party, and you have kept awake just to ask them the variety of dishes and sweetdishes  that were served, including the inevitable, triangle shaped paneer pieces dipped in a savoury gravy, you are a foodie  🙂 


Whenever you are feeling down and out, has your body automatically, even in that state of dejection, lumbered  towards the heaven of a  foodie ”the fridge”, your hand automatically,has gone inside it and yes, yes  in auto mode unknowingly  you have gulped down the leftover slices of a pizza, guzzled  down a can of coke, had that chocolate pastry after an imaginary fight between your brain and heart and finally, in which the stomach and tastebuds always win 😛 😛

Yes you are right:  YOU = foodie .

Have you ever felt like asking mom to make the veritable ”hari dhaniya (Coriander) ki chutney (indian variant of sauce made by grinding coriander with a few spices)” whenever she has made arhar ki dal (pulses)and chawal (rice)?

Have you ever pined in the middle of an ongoing lecture, for the yummy, scrumptious  masaaledaar spicy aloo ka samosa which at that very moment is sitting in the canteen’s kitchen oblivious that someone at that very moment is yearning for it unendingly? 


Have you sometimes wanted Maggi  so bad, that you have actually not waited to cook it, and have had the noodles right from the packet, ignoring the warning that is recorded in your mind in mom’s voice ”aur kuchcha magi khao, pet mein dard hoga”, (translated as”do not eat it uncooked else your stomach will ache) but you have given a toss of your head and let the noodles uncooked go munch munch in your mouth,(and yes, if chewed nicely ,they never give a stomachache 😛 😛 )

In short if 60% of your happiness exists or can be created 🙂  by taking you to any of the places given below like McDonalds,(no wonder its called the happy meal), Dominoes,KFC,Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, Cocoberry outlets and you have different haunts in your city for different kinds of delicacies like.. kebabs , biryani, Chinese chilli chicken,Italian,Continental,Thai cuisine..

sounds familiar??

Yeah right…


now you know why a slice of pizza with mozzarella and liquid cheese oozing out of the bread’s every pore along with a dash of chilli flakes and oregano bursting and melting simultaneously in every gustatory pore you have in your tongue is a free ticket to heaven.

Bon appétit  🙂 🙂





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