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Time is the stream that flows forever,

Its like the sand that slips through fingers

It is like the fine lines on a pretty woman’s face

These lines make each one of us aware…

The clock’s ticking,

The leaves are drying

Death’s happy hand is drawing close

To slit the throat of life

And to finally make you alive…







Little wishes are released by our father’s hands,

Each one of us reaches its own destination, our motherland

We get a mother and an earthly father too,

And write our own stories, we creatures, who in actuality

Belong to the heavenly father’s land.

A life span of mortals we live,

Just like a comma put in the eternities of stories written in desert sand.

Our little life splutters with a crackle and ends just like that-

And so we progress through umpteen lives

Living and giving countless experiences to that supreme spirit,

where it experiences itself through us,

his little wishes we were from the very start.






Hi there! Hope everything’s going good at your end.:)

This blog post stems out of the unconditional bliss that I am currently feeling …

guess its the b’day hangover, but nevertheless my present state of mind makes me think that what is it that truly makes you and me HAPPY?

Where is our happiness?

Is it in getting an admission into a reputed college and thereby earning the grudging respect of society and becoming the “aankhon ka taara” of mummy papa??

Or is it in feeding the poor and the not so fortunate?

Is it in roaming around in an Audi or lying in  a loved one’s lap?

is it in getting a salary of lakhs per month or is it in planting a sapling and seeing it grow?

the answer to all these questions lies in the fact that there are different strokes for different folks and the truth hidden in the garb of lies is that Happiness is a state of mind, you may be the richest person and yet be unhappy and yet, it is true I have seen saints who are Kings in their own respect, people who have nothing not even a morsel to eat and they are imbibing eternal bliss….

How you ask?

Well, you can partake that happiness too, live the moment, don’t dwell in the past or future, live till the last drop of the present, if the going is tough it will not last, if you are feeling  ecstatic even that is not going to last. Happiness lies in as the vedas say in” neti neti” that is neither in this nor in that, this is the process of elimination. Keep living keep experiencing, experience the heights of spiritual bliss by meditating and also, if you want reach ecstacy by drinking alcohol,(chaar botal vodka) , but remember it is the being of yours that is experiencing this stuff, so whether it is yoga or mocha,fun is where your state of mind is…

Stay consciously happy and stay blessed.







A bee buzzed around me-

The grass kissed the soles of my feet

Am I walking on the ground

Or is my soul soaring?

It is free, this soul of mine,

To travel to galaxies yet unborn

It visits the nursery of stars

Where constellations will dawn.

It goes to the heart of mother earth

With molten lava it plays

Suddenly it rises

And flies to the Arctic

The cold slowly takes the heat away.

Lightyears it traverses

To reach the end point

But lo and behold it looks,

The end it does not find.

It comes back to the body that is walking

I regain my consciousness

Glad for the passage of time.





As I peered from a distance,

my memories conjured a vague recollection,

the same gait,

that pitter patter of raindrops-

my steps quickened,my heartbeat leapt

in my mind a siren was blaring…

Soon,I neared the woman in green;

my soul was filled with a distant dream

I don’t know whether the earth really 

had stopped for a second or

I missed the moment due to emotion

Our eyes met for a split second

and then instant negation-

the heels clicked 

my tears dripped

the lady in green sped past

was it day,twilight or noon

how could I have known?

I was in reverie

I had once again met my selfsame

She was my ex-flame.





Ruby walked with quickening steps

her dupatta played with the air unaware,

that its wearer could smell doom

behind her erupted a cacophony of male laughter

elbowing among friends and cheeky comments,

she plugged the earphones harder so that every cell of her body

seemed to resonate the beats of the song,

she clutched the cross in her hands

her nails dug into her palm,

she mentally recited a biblical psalm…..


In another part of India’s territory

a little girl, Ambi,was studying geography

her little finger rested on Vasco da Gama’s discovery

she heard footsteps

her heart leapt

beads of perspiration started from her forehead

the learning stopped

the skirt was pulled over her knees

she sat subdued

listening to the tick tock of the wall clock……


Shift to another scenario,

where in a dimly lit room,

the tragedy of domestic violence unfolds

the clock strikes eight pm

and Ratna feels a pang of pain

her hand went to her left cheek,

which still throbbed with a not so distant memory,

her husband had hit her hard

she smote under the scar

she felt a tightening in her stomach

was this her destiny

why did she suffer,incessantly?


Sujata, sat in her gynaecologist’s room,

waiting patiently, but inside she was filled with ecstacy,

a new life was being born,

through her umbilical cord,

she felt a kick, her face lit up with a smile…

Outside,  the room a thick  envelope of cash changed hands

to the doctor’s hands it went from her mother in law’s hands,

a syringe pricked and sucked a life,

just because it was a girl child,

Sujata and the unborn

only two people on earth mourned…

Rosemary was all alone in her cubicle,

suddenly the lights went out

the sweat stain under her armpit spread,

in keeping with the advancing tread,

the door clicked,what was the problem?

Before she could begin to fathom,

she smelt the cologne of her boss

she tried to shout,but her yell was not heard

his hands groped frantically,she felt she would burst,

She had to pay the price for committing a heinous crime

She was working diligently in her overtime…


Kashish was in a party with her friends,

looking resplendent in her chic red dress,

she had just parted ways with her dominating boyfriend

but rejection, his male ego could not take,

he appeared wearing a mask at the party,

uncorked a bottle of acid,

ruining her face was his priority,

finding a chance he gave the bottle a swing,

the mascara burnt along with the skin,

her features till this day are unrecognizable,

while he has a wife and two kids,

Kashish suffers in silence…

if this is the sorry state of affairs,

with a heavy heart and eyes brimming with tears,

I plead to all citizens of India,

STOP being a sissy,

DO NOT accept prejudices that are wrong,

it doesn’t matter if she is in a kurta pyjama or in a sarong,

whether it is Delhi,Mumbai or any other city,

women are raped,molested,exploited,abused physically and mentally,

when will all this change?When  in god’s name,

will men stop being men and

instead become HUMANE.