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Little wishes are released by our father’s hands,

Each one of us reaches its own destination, our motherland

We get a mother and an earthly father too,

And write our own stories, we creatures, who in actuality

Belong to the heavenly father’s land.

A life span of mortals we live,

Just like a comma put in the eternities of stories written in desert sand.

Our little life splutters with a crackle and ends just like that-

And so we progress through umpteen lives

Living and giving countless experiences to that supreme spirit,

where it experiences itself through us,

his little wishes we were from the very start.






Hi there! Hope everything’s going good at your end.:)

This blog post stems out of the unconditional bliss that I am currently feeling …

guess its the b’day hangover, but nevertheless my present state of mind makes me think that what is it that truly makes you and me HAPPY?

Where is our happiness?

Is it in getting an admission into a reputed college and thereby earning the grudging respect of society and becoming the “aankhon ka taara” of mummy papa??

Or is it in feeding the poor and the not so fortunate?

Is it in roaming around in an Audi or lying in  a loved one’s lap?

is it in getting a salary of lakhs per month or is it in planting a sapling and seeing it grow?

the answer to all these questions lies in the fact that there are different strokes for different folks and the truth hidden in the garb of lies is that Happiness is a state of mind, you may be the richest person and yet be unhappy and yet, it is true I have seen saints who are Kings in their own respect, people who have nothing not even a morsel to eat and they are imbibing eternal bliss….

How you ask?

Well, you can partake that happiness too, live the moment, don’t dwell in the past or future, live till the last drop of the present, if the going is tough it will not last, if you are feeling  ecstatic even that is not going to last. Happiness lies in as the vedas say in” neti neti” that is neither in this nor in that, this is the process of elimination. Keep living keep experiencing, experience the heights of spiritual bliss by meditating and also, if you want reach ecstacy by drinking alcohol,(chaar botal vodka) , but remember it is the being of yours that is experiencing this stuff, so whether it is yoga or mocha,fun is where your state of mind is…

Stay consciously happy and stay blessed.









Diabolical, infernal Demogorgon

Stirs and sighs,

Selene has gone with Endymion

It is a moonless night,

Mephistopheles – he who shuns light,

Eurynomos – the Greek prince who brings death to life,

Abbadon – The destroyer himself and

Yama – The lord of death,

All come to life.

( refererence:Demogorgon- the most evil spirit ever, its shadow spells doom,

Selene- Greek goddess of moon

Endymion- selene’s lover)


This reign of terror

This abyssmally dark night

Mortals, beware !

The devil incarnate lurks right behind.

They rip off your souls

They disturb all roles

Avarice, ego, jealousy, arrogance

Sins of flesh and mind arise,

You wont even know, slowly they become leviathan in size,

because their seeds are nurtured and sown,

by the devil’s own,

Her name’s Maya

She’s the devil’s accomplice,

the devil’s advocate,

Deceptive, beautiful, crafty, and charming,

Money, fame and power are all her adornments.

All humans to her tunes sing,

She is the one who materialistic pleasures brings.


This is the nature of duality,

Adversity is the friend of chastity,

Sybarites have a gala time,

Spartans are blamed for every crime.

Satan has a myriad shades,

Myriad helpers, myriad ways.

Keep your soul locked in fetters,

Lest it runs amok-

Satan’s kin either barters or mocks.


All virtues of yours you hide,

Devils hold them in spite.

On this moonless night,

Keep your flights of fancy to the gods alive,

Remember the devil has tried to tempt every great soul

Be it Jesus or Prophet Muhammad, it is well known.


Satan questioned Jesus’s status as the Son of God,

“If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread”

Bread symbolises all desires of the flesh,

But the son of god replied,

“It is god’s will by bread alone man doth not survive”.


For the second temptation, the locale was set,

Jesus was to jump from a temple’s topmost point in Jerusalem

at Satan’s behest,

To this request, the blessed lord of lords, retorts in jest,

“In the scripture, it is also written –

do not put the Lord, your God, to test’”


In the third temptation satan showed jesus all the kingdoms of this world—their glory and political authority,

He tried to subjugate The Christ into accepting him as the supreme authority,

But all he got was Immanuel’s rebuke,

To Satan, the Blessed Jesus of Nazareth firmly spoke,

“Away from me, Satan!

The Messiah stood victorious over satan and his temptations-

so can all humans

but to do this , let us know Satan up close and upfront,

His most powerful weapon is thine own son,

He will argue and counterargue,

Till your conscience is overdone-

Then it’ll occupy its throne,

Your heart it will turn to stone.

It will take possession of your mind and soul

And will adeptly condemn you to doom.


So, listen, to the other side of this unique story

Always judge for yourself

What is deception and where is glory-

There are many who for a few pieces of gold

Have their conscience sold

Lost legacies of good karma and behold!

Are still penancing each day

For every thought of yours is here to stay.

Let not yourself sway to the lilting melodies that Satan plays.


For Buddha too, was a mere mortal, same as we-

Its just a fallacy that he was he

And supremely different from you and me.




This post is written in response to this weeks WordPress Writing (and Napowrimo) Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/poetry/