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Time is the stream that flows forever,

Its like the sand that slips through fingers

It is like the fine lines on a pretty woman’s face

These lines make each one of us aware…

The clock’s ticking,

The leaves are drying

Death’s happy hand is drawing close

To slit the throat of life

And to finally make you alive…







Little wishes are released by our father’s hands,

Each one of us reaches its own destination, our motherland

We get a mother and an earthly father too,

And write our own stories, we creatures, who in actuality

Belong to the heavenly father’s land.

A life span of mortals we live,

Just like a comma put in the eternities of stories written in desert sand.

Our little life splutters with a crackle and ends just like that-

And so we progress through umpteen lives

Living and giving countless experiences to that supreme spirit,

where it experiences itself through us,

his little wishes we were from the very start.





As I peered from a distance,

my memories conjured a vague recollection,

the same gait,

that pitter patter of raindrops-

my steps quickened,my heartbeat leapt

in my mind a siren was blaring…

Soon,I neared the woman in green;

my soul was filled with a distant dream

I don’t know whether the earth really 

had stopped for a second or

I missed the moment due to emotion

Our eyes met for a split second

and then instant negation-

the heels clicked 

my tears dripped

the lady in green sped past

was it day,twilight or noon

how could I have known?

I was in reverie

I had once again met my selfsame

She was my ex-flame.






I have always wondered at the futility

of these little nothings;

A peck on the cheek and tears in eyes,

the lover of a lover bids her lover adieu.

Starting at the place from where both planes and dreams fly

May her lover find his place,his soul’s cry.


She looks into the ocean of ambitions in his eyes,

his desires assuage her cries,

in no time the airplane will fly :

Over continents unknown

her love will rise,to reach its destination,

to the man she loves with all her might.


I wish for that innocent little heart that thumps in her chest:

May her beloved love her

till eternities together.

For travel you might to places far

compared to a heart filled with unconditional love,

nothing in this world comes at par.







 As a chubby, podgy child,

I often used to watch sunlight,

I crawled on fours for those discs of light

Round circles of molten sunlight

I tried a lot, but never tasted success.

They were reflections of transparent dials,

And rounded objects, but back then,

They seemed quite heartless.

They were elusive and played games with a cute little child

Even as a toddler I realized, that there is life,

Even in light.

Back then, I wanted to catch it

And to trap those roundels in a glass jar capped tight

so that at night, I have my personal star

By my bedside.

As I grew older, I thought  such is life,

We try to catch it like I used to catch the discs of light…

The difference is just this-

The Discs are Days

and the Light is Life.


AN ODE TO APHRODITE… (a poem about the greek goddess of beauty)




My thirst was quenched when I first beheld you

Blessed are those eyes that have partaken your sight

You are a living reincarnation of Goddess Aphrodite

You possess me, I adore you,

I am your slave at your beck and call

I am an egoless man now,

Once a proud man I was.

Before you this six foot man

Doth stand an inch tall

Part those divine lips

Let the flame kindle

Yet pause a little,

Speech is not an attribute in which your pristine self dabbles

what would the servant Speech do for you?

The work of voice you have none,

For what use would articulation be to one-

Whose eyes are worth unfathomable suns?

O! Miss. Pulchritude

Would you care to be aware of my presence?

Of him who stands rooted to spot

Lest he misses the moment when

your blessed glance on him falls.