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A bee buzzed around me-

The grass kissed the soles of my feet

Am I walking on the ground

Or is my soul soaring?

It is free, this soul of mine,

To travel to galaxies yet unborn

It visits the nursery of stars

Where constellations will dawn.

It goes to the heart of mother earth

With molten lava it plays

Suddenly it rises

And flies to the Arctic

The cold slowly takes the heat away.

Lightyears it traverses

To reach the end point

But lo and behold it looks,

The end it does not find.

It comes back to the body that is walking

I regain my consciousness

Glad for the passage of time.



a much awaited meeting





I will meet my self one day

Whether it is on a star yet not born,

Or on some planet undiscovered,

It may even be on earth or on water.

But this much I know,

I will meet myself one day

In my purest form.


I do not know in what garb

But when I do meet my self,

I will cry to my heart’s content

And then my eyes will brim with tears of joy-

I will meet myself

And then for, forever, I will die.